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Additional Costs


The currency in the British Virgin Islands is the US Dollar. Most places accept all credit cards. Visa and MasterCard are the preferred cards.

  • Additional provisioning for your boat. Out at Sea only provides a basic provisioning that will cover your breakfast and snacks for the week. You will have to buy on arrival or pre-order food and drinks for the week. The average price per person is $200 for the week. Drinks in the BVI are on average $5 at bars and restaurants. It is cheaper to drink rum than water down here!
  • Every day we will be at a location with a restaurant option for lunch and dinner. Average price for lunch is $20, and for dinner $40 without drinks.
  • Marina fees (these can range from 60-200 dollars per boat for the entire week) depending if you use their services. Most of the time boats will use their anchor and that is free of cost. Marina cost for the night is an average of $100 for the boat. This is the best opportunity to replenish the boat with water if necessary.

Additional cost per person average for
the week including provisioning $500