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Booking and Payment

The yachts are booked under one persons name for practicality. This person will be in charge of the following:


1. Organising The Payments

One person will need to pay for the whole yacht and collect money from his.

2. Filling Out The Crew List Details Online

The following information will be needed for all guests: name, date of birth, passport number and contact details.

3. Being The Main Contact Upon Arrival And Departure

On arrival at the marina please look out for the Out At Sea arrivals desk for check-in. On departure please go to your yachting agency’s office for check-out.
When you have filled in all details and booked your yacht you have 24 hours to decide if you want to keep the booking by paying the 1st down payment (see below for details of this amount).

  • Once you have paid your booking will be confirmed. No refunded is provided if you decide to cancel the booking.
  • If you don’t pay within 24 hours the booking will be cancelled.
  • Please check your spam filter if you do not receive your confirmation email as it may have ended up there.


Payment Details

If preferred, you may settle the total in one payment.

For the Maiden Voyage 2014 sailing 30% of the total cost must be paid within 24 hours of booking and the remaining 70% by 1st January, 2014

We are unable to provide any refund if your charter is canceled. Your travel insurance policy may allow you to reclaim your expenses. We will work with you and our yacht charter providers to recover as much of your expense as possible, but we cannot guarantee any refund after you book your yacht.

Deposit Information

The deposit is a kind of in insurance that you pay to the yachting company during check-in. It is used as a security against any damages caused to the yacht during the week. If you don’t have any damages when you do the check-out of the yacht by the end of the week you will get the whole amount refunded. You can choose to pay the deposit either by card or in cash.