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Day 1


Before being kissed by the Caribbean breeze, you begin to see your playground from up above, like a bird seeking the perfect place to land. Soon, the 60 small islands and rocky outcroppings that comprise the British Virgin Islands start to take shape, and you realize that they spell “paradise”.  Upon landing on Beef Island (Tortola), you can already smell the fresh sea as well as the cocktails that we have waiting for you at the airport.
We will then take you to the marina so that you can be introduced to what will for one week be your home ,Out At Sea.
The boats will be ready to board at 6pm, so if you have spare time, you can visit the numerous beaches that surround the northern side of Tortola. Or, if you prefer, simply hang out at the marina and get cozy with your fellow sailors and start to accustom yourself to “island time.”
As the sun goes down, it will be time for the first tea dance followed by a fresh dinner featuring locally sourced food from the islands. A special guest will be there to welcome you all in the comfort of the marina.


Day 2

You wake up in the stunning islands and prepare to sail to The Baths on Virgin Gorda. Centuries ago, volcanoes created these breathtaking boulder formations, which make this one of the 100 best places to visit in the world. The perfectly placed rocks make this the ideal spot to snorkel and jump of cliffs and, needless to say, a stunning spot for a photo shoot.
You will then set sail down the beautiful Sir Francis Drake Channel towards Peter Island, one of the most charming islands in the BVI, and home to the exclusive Peter Island Resort. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon at the spa or bask in the sun on their private beach while indulging in the best cocktails from “manita” at the bar. When the sun starts to set, the torches will be lit, and dinner will be served to the orchestra of palm trees and ocean waves.
Peter Island will embrace you in its bay for the night.


Day 3

As the sun starts to shine onto the bay of Peter Island, you will head to the world famous island of Jost Van Dyke. They call White Bay a “sunny place for shady people” and home to the Pain Killer Drink at the Soggy Dollar Bar, a locale which you can only reach by swimming or with your dinghy. This party beach has several other bars and the best Lobster Quesadilla you will ever try at One Love Restaurant. At White Bay Beach, anything goes-the sand is soft and gets even softer with the drinks.
In the afternoon you will head to Great Harbour, home of the famous Foxy’s Bar, where the world comes to spend New Year’s Eve in their sandals and to the sounds of reggae music. Isah Chinnery makes beautiful local arts and crafts and is the sweetest person on Jost Van Dyke. Great Harbour will be your host for the evening surrounding you with its beautiful hills and spectacular views of the north side of Tortola and St John.

Day 4

You will sail north towards a tiny, postcard perfect island named Sandy Spit were you will make a pit stop for lunch and some friendly competitive games on the beach. You will then sail up the north side of Tortola until you reach Scrub Island. At Scrub, you will stay for the evening where your tea dance will start with the sunset, and dinner can be eaten by the pool bar or at their fine dining restaurant. All yachts will be moored on the dock for ease and convenience. If you feel like you need a moisturizing body wrap by now, Scrub Island’s spa is the place to do it!

Day 5

As you sail north from Scrub Island, you will head to Anegada– an island where the streets are made of sand, and you can walk all around the island in the most secluded beaches of the BVI. Anageda’s second most famous quality is the Anageda lobster, so when in Rome… You will feast on lobster and champagne at Cow Wreck Beach and take long strolls down the coral surrounding beaches. This is the place to snorkel, take meandering walks or to lie on the beach and enjoy the tranquility of the island. Then you will gather for the evening tea dance close to the south side where your boats will all be moored. Anageda’s reefs will provide you shelter for the night.

Day 6

You will sail to the North Sound of Virgin Gorda to the exclusive Mosquito Island owned by Sir Richard Branson where you are invited to participate in a volleyball competition for Out at Sea. Any boat that is up for the challenge can join the competition. The winner gets a box of champagne for their boat that you can drink at the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, the megayacht playground sister yacht club to the YCCS in Porto Cervo, Italy. An ultra chic boat-themed dinner and drinks will be your indulgence for the evening, surrounded by the beautiful boats that inhabit the North Sound. Megayachts will be your shelter for the night.

Day 7

You will head back down the Sir Francis Drake Channel to the Caves on Normal Island were you can enjoy spectacular snorkeling before you go to Pirates Restaurant for a late lunch. Then you will don your pirate costumes and head over to the Willy-T, a schooner transformed into a bar infamous for people jumping off the top deck naked. This will be your last evening of debauchery and to really let it all hang out.


*This route can be modified due to weather or other conditions without prior notice and is under control of Out at Sea organisers.